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I'm not sure from your answer if you think there is still a difference? If the source doesn't emit anything and completes then first send error notification while take 1 simply won't emit anything.

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Oh no. All German nouns have to be in a particular case.

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Kein einziger Baum wurde für den Abenteuerpark gefällt. Not a single tree was felled to make way for the adventure park. Im Auftrag der polnischen Regierung werden dort Bäume gefällt. Trees are being felled in the forest at the directive of the Polish government.

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They are those awkward words that sound the same but have different meanings. We have a lot of these in English. German has these words as well, and they can be particularly difficult for non-native speakers to learn. Most German homophones only have two meanings, making them easier to remember.